Somewhere in 2020, busy hopping between our jobs, socializing and fitness schedules, we realized that while on one hand, there was no casual-wear brand that offered clothes flexible enough to be performing physical exercises in, on the other, the old school sport-apparel brands were not trendy enough to be worn in casual occasions anymore. It was precisely to address this need for dual-purpose apparel, INSIDERZ Activewear was launched in 2021 with a philosophy of "Premium Activewear for all".

We have set out to create comfortable, stylish and the most loved fitness-casual (athleisure) wear brand, how much we'll succeed remains to be seen, but one thing is certain, we are leaving no stone unturned to achieve this, be it selecting the finest activewear fabric available or working on endless iterations to achieve the right form of the garment to maintaining the highest production quality standards to offering limited edition infectiously energetic prints.

 Moreover, it's not just a job for us, as a team we deeply care about the whole concept of fitness and the positive impact it has on people's lives and even if we are able to inspire a few to shake that lazy bubble and get on with fitness with our clothes, we'll feel quite accomplished.

 We believe in an equitable view of the society and not in selling expensive products. We are proud to be a small business with worldwide heritage.  

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